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The Plastic Challenge
120 billion units of personal care packages are produced and thrown away every year.
The Plastic Solution
Foster a sustainable and environmentally-conscious culture with disruptive single-use products packaged in water-soluble film.

We're a material science company seeking to solve the pervasive plastic waste problem.

We've created technologies for consumer goods that fully dissolve and leave no trace behind. We create, iterate, and innovate to improve the experience, efficacy, and sustainability of consumer goods.

Our patented and proprietary technology powers personal care brands to offer their consumers a one-for-one product, in a waste free format.

120 billion units of packaging are trashed annually in the personal care and beauty industry. Consumption is inherently wasteful, but we believe wholeheartedly it's a solvable problem.

Packaging aside, up to 93% of a bottle of personal care products are comprised of water and toxic EWG hazardous preservatives. On average, our solutions contain 95% less water, and 100% less preservatives than the average bottle of shampoo.

Our company will vastly improve the health of our planet, not only by reducing pollution directly, but by creating technologies that ensure it doesn't occur in the first place.

With the help of our trailblazing partners, we’ll engineer the most frictionless experience for consuming products, and change consumer behaviors to adopt solutions that melt away.

Leave no trace behind