Meet nohbo

We are a mission driven research & development company founded on the premise of eradicating unnecessary single use plastic bottles in areas where there truly is no need for them.

In 2018, nohbo unleashed its Drop line. Following years of extensive research & development, and long arduous hours filled with locking ourselves in the lab till breakthroughs were reached, our small (but mighty) team successfully formulated the world’s first single use, water soluble shampoo Drop. One simply takes a nohbo shampoo (or other personal care) Drop in their hands under shower water, and the product melts and lathers instantly. NOHBO Drops are comprised of two parts; An outer biodegradable film designed to break down fast in shower water, and a moisturizing liquid anhydrous (fancy way of saying it has little to no water) base of natural or naturally derived shampoo, conditioner, body wash OR shaving cream.

Our philosophy is to create a superior line of eco-friendly personal care products that lather cleanse and nourish without compromise to quality, sustainability, or performance.  


What we're working on.

We formulate, concoct and create solutions to house personal care products in water soluble films right here in our 12,000 square foot laboratory and HQ in Palm Bay, Florida. Furthermore, we create and commercialize water soluble film ‘Slips’ for novel applications, such as hand soap. We’re at the forefront of cutting edge personal care R&D, creating groundbreaking innovations and discoveries that shift consumer perception and lead to plastic-free end solutions for wash-off daily consumables.


We're hiring!
If you are seeking challenging work, the entrepreneurial spirit of a fast moving VC-backed startup, and ample opportunities for career growth, join our team of creative scientists, hungry entrepreneurs and forward looking thought leaders on a mission to shape the future of sustainable personal care products.

We’re fearless believers that packaging is antiquated, plastic is unnecessary, and the future of soap and personal care stems from our sustainable and groundbreaking packaging inventions that disappear without a trace.

If our vibrant and mission-driven company culture and entrepreneurial attitude gets you excited, and you have relevant experience, shoot us a message at careers@nohbo.com with your CV or connect with us on LinkedIn.