Single-Use Water Soluble Solutions

Using Material Science Innovations to Solve the Plastic Waste Problem


Our Solutions

The Science
Traditional personal care products are comprised of 60-90% water.
Utilizing  earth derived  compounds  and  novel green chemistry practices, we’ve  figured out how to safely and efficaciously encapsulate (pod) personal care products in water soluble film. 

Biodegradable film "the wrap"


Anhydrous (water-free) liquid base

Personal Care Drops

Patented anhydrous liquid chassis comprised of naturally derived esters & diols + water soluble film in a thermo/solvent sealed pod​​


Sheets of water-soluble film loaded with powerful actives that pack a punch​​


Emulsified water-soluble film embedded with personal care actives

What Nohbo Can Provide



Vast domain knowledge, obsessively focused R&D, and specialization in water soluble film and anhydrous formulations allows us to modify formats and build new applications with ease.



We have the capacity to tweak the fragrance, color, and organoleptic properties of our Drops. Our in-house R&D team ensures that these changes meet the necessary requirements for commercialization through rigorous film compatibility, stability and performance testing.



With a vertically integrated and constantly expanding supply chain, we can make up to 195 million Drops and 30,000 kilos of film annually.

How is This Possible?

Anhydrous Chassis

Traditional personal care products are made up of 60-90% water; a precious material viewed as vital to suspend, solubilize or act as a filler for personal care product active ingredients. In layman’s terms, utilizing earth derived compounds and novel green chemistry practices, we’ve figured out how to suspend and emulsify personal care actives in safe, compatible waterless bases that are as good to the user as they are to our planet.

Water Soluble Film i.e., “The Wrap”

Water soluble films are core and center to what we do. They act like a fish net in our formulations; everything inside “the fish” gets trapped in our polymer film “the net” due to its large molecular weight. Water is a universal solvent, so it eats through the outside of the membrane, allowing actives to be released. We create, build, and scale biodegradable and sustainable water soluble films to meet the demands of the consumer good and personal care industry.


Our Supply Chain

Nohbo is a vertically integrated company 

The Competitive Advantage


World’s first liquid single-use personal care product that exists without the need for any outer plastic packaging

Robust IP portfolio

3 issued patents & multiple other pending patents (utility/design/PCT) covering our novel chassis, water soluble film, and delivery system as a whole; a technology that will carry over to the world of multiple CPG applications

Obsessively dedicated R&D

A deep understanding of anhydrous solutions and PVOH domain, providing competitive advantage in the market, and accelerated product development life-cycle

Fully owned supply chain

Vertically integrated supply chain with optimized product yield, lead times, and pricing. Redundancies built in to engage with our developed external supply chain, increasing production capacity multi-fold