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Ben Sternlinkedin-blue

Founder & CEO

Ben ideated Nohbo as a passion project after viewing a documentary in his biology class covering the ins and outs of the plastic bottling industry. He was horrified to see a plethora of waste flooding landfills and oceans as well as engulfing local ecosystems across the globe. Taking this issue deeply to heart, and determined that reducing, reusing and recycling did not hold any muster to replacing the need for plastic consumption outright, he founded Nohbo on the premise of making products that disappear. Shortly thereafter, Nohbo made waves with an appearance on Shark Tank. Ben won over the panel of investors with his eco-friendly podded shampoo company, and secured a deal with Mark Cuban to make his vision a reality. Fast forward to today, Ben manages a team of beauty and personal care experts, hungry and vision-driven, to eliminate plastics outright from an industry drowning in it. Ben is a Thiel Fellow, pilot, and avid backgammon player.

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If you are seeking challenging work, the entrepreneurial spirit of a fast moving VC-backed startup, and ample opportunities for career growth, join our team of creative scientists, hungry entrepreneurs and forward looking thought leaders on a mission to shape the future of sustainable personal care products.

We’re fearless believers that packaging is antiquated, plastic is unnecessary, and the future of soap and personal care stems from our sustainable and groundbreaking packaging inventions that disappear without a trace.

If our vibrant and mission-driven company culture and entrepreneurial attitude gets you excited, and you have relevant experience, shoot us a message at careers@nohbo.com with your CV, or connect with us on LinkedIn .