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Our Story

Plastic pollution is one of humankind's most pressing challenges to solve. Single-use plastics decimate ecosystems, destroy marine life, and toxify flora and fauna. We exist to minimize plastic consumption in places where there is truly no need for it. At Nohbo, we use disruptive technology and advances in material science to power our future forward.

0.00 Trillion+
Pieces of plastic waste estimated to be in our oceans. 269,000 tons float, 4 billion microfibers per km² dwell below the surface.
300 Million Tons+
Of plastic is manufactured every year and half of these are single-use only.
121,000 Particles+
Are ingested by humans every year and experts say that these values are likely underestimates.

Where it began

The spark for it all came from Ben Stern’s love of nature, passion to create, and frustration at the current state of the world. He realized that the widely adopted strategy of reducing and reusing didn't have the proper incentives to make enough of a difference, it was just prolonging the inevitable. The best way to minimize plastic consumption was to remove it from the equation completely. Eliminate waste before it is created. Following countless hours of crafting, innovating, and iterating, Nohbo was launched to rethink and rework solutions for a plastic-less world.

Where we are now

We’ve figured out how to encapsulate your favorite personal care brands in water-soluble films. Day and night, we customize and create new solutions that replicate the performance and quality of mass-market products.

The hospitality and CPG industries have witnessed drastic changes, triggered in part by new legislation passed by governments around the world to mitigate plastic pollution. We're powering CPGs and hotels, helping them achieve their ESG and sustainable packaging commitments, with solutions that melt away in your fingertips.

Where we're going

We will clean up the messy and plastic-heavy personal care space, that contributes to over 120 billion units of packaging being trashed each year. We will grow our technology to help other industries, where water-soluble solutions can improve the way things are consumed.



Leave no trace behind