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Nohbo's main facility is where our engineering, manufacturing, and production pioneers work to push the boundaries of current technology and material science for a better and more sustainable future.

LocationPalm Bay, Fl
Size12,000 sq ft.
UsageFactory + Laboratory


Our vast domain knowledge, obsessively focused R&D, and specialization in water-soluble film and anhydrous formulations provides us with the flexibility to modify formats and build new applications with ease.


We have the capacity to tweak the fragrance, color, and organoleptic properties of our Drops. Our in-house R&D team ensures that these changes meet the necessary requirements for commercialization through rigorous film compatibility, stability and performance testing.


With a vertically integrated and constantly expanding supply chain, we can make up to 195 million Drops and 30,000 kilos of film annually.

Supply ChainVertically Integrated
Drop Production195M Units Annually
Slip Production> 1 Billion Units Annually
Film Production30,000 Kilos Annually

Future Facilities

Our future facilities will be located in regions paving the way to combat plastic-free solutions.

Leave no trace behind